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Alpine Coils

Alpine Coils

Alpine Coils is an ONE STOP SOLUTION that offers Air cooling Systems. With the unbearable heat and rays during summer it offers Outdoor Air Cooling System that will keep everybody cool with our environmental friendly products and technology which can change the hot weather outdoor. The company offers an Outdoor Air Cooling System which work with both water and electricity and only blows Cold Air which is based on Evaporative Cooling System and are available in various sizes.


At Alpine Coils , our vision is to provide customers with products & services that exceeds their expectations & to become a benchmark manufacturing company for the HVAC industry, by providing world class quality products through continuous improvement driven by integrity, teamwork , innovation & creativity of our people.


At Alpine Coils , our mission is to provide world class high quality products for the HVAC industry. To fulfil this mission we are committed to : Partnering with superior quality raw material suppliers. Using all new generation modern machineries as required. Using “Best Manufacturing Practise” Rewarding employees for their contribution. Conducting regular training for all employees.

air cooling experts.